Cool Cupcakes with Delightful Decorations {guest post}

Cupcakes are all the rage these days, and there are bakeries and stores overflowing with these delicious treats. These cute little cakes are on trend in the baking world and baking itself is hot at the moment, with numerous TV shows promoting the benefits of baking your own bread, pastry and, of course, cakes!

If you want to create some cupcakes with your own fair hands you have plenty of options. You can make simple sponge cupcakes, cupcakes stuffed with fruit or chocolate chips or, for the chocoholic, a double or even triple chocolate batch of cupcakes.

Delightful Decoration Options
The best cupcakes are decorated beautifully too and again you have loads of options as to how you will bring your buns to life. You should consider colour, texture and of course taste. And you should think about adding something to make your cakes extra magical. We’re sure you have plenty of ideas already, but if you need a few suggestions to get your creative juices flowing, read on.

Glittering fairy dust
One way to immediately increase the magic around your cupcakes is to scatter them with glittering edible fairy dust. First top your cakes with some classic butter cream and then liberally sprinkle on some shimmering pink, blue, green, purple or silver fairy dust. It is edible and looks fantastic.

Nostalgic candy
The kind of sweets you used to buy from old schoolvending machines actually make excellent cupcake toppings too. Dolly Mixture, chocolate mice or sweet peanuts make excellent additions to buns, enhancing them with fun, tasty and colourful decorations.

Royal icing
Royal icing is a classic kind of cake topping that give you a smooth surface and allows you to get creative with your own designs. Use extra icing on top of the initial surface and make little flowers or butterflies for cakes that look as good as they taste.

Chunks of choc
Everyone loves chocolate and if you are making regular sponge or chocolate sponge cupcakes, you can make them even tastier with a few chunks of tasty chocolate. Here you could use choc chips or pieces of chocolate bars, stuck into rich butter cream for truly tantalizing treats.

Sam Butterworth is a writer, an aspiring baker and someone with a very sweet tooth. He writes for Tubz Brands, franchiser of vending machine candy and other snacks. 

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