Candies to Make at Home {guest post}

When we hear the word “baking” we typically think of cakes, pies and probably a messy kitchen with lots of flour on the counter. What probably doesn’t come to mind is the thought of homemade candy, yet strange as it may sound, homemade candy is one of the most basic forms of baking that exists. Not only that, but making your own candy is incredibly simple in terms of ingredients and time required, even if you’re making something that sounds a little complicated. So if you love baking and would like to create some sweet treats that don’t come out of a plastic bag, you’ll find that most homemade candy concepts and recipes are going to be pretty easy. Better yet, you can check out the awesome Candlyand-themed infographic below if you’re looking for something to just get your started! The graphic provides you with eight different recipes to choose from, five of which have less than four ingredients. It’s often true that the most difficult part of making your own candy is knowing where to start, so use this colorful tutorial as a beginner’s cheat sheet to get some successful homemade candy projects under your belt.


Researched and written by Marcela De Vivo, in partnership with CandyConceptsInc and Gryffin Media.

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  1. I love, love, LOVE that graphic Lisa - very good guest post :0)


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