Mango Smoothie

2 Al-Awwal Mangoes
1/2 Muller Light Vanilla yogurt
1/2 apple juice box
handful of crushed ice

Skin and de-seed the mango. Cut along the seed and then slice the meat out or cube it and flip the skin and cut off the cubes. It's going to be blended so it really doesn't matter how you do it.
(I just know the first time I tried cutting up a mango I butchered it.)
Put everything in a blender.
1 large drink or 2 small.

Very Very Good. :0)
My father-in-law brought me some mangoes and I had some yogurt left over and used one of Mini Baker's juice boxes and Wa-La Mango smoothie. It made me feel like I was on an island..... oh wait.... I am on an island. I mean a TROPICAL island. Not the rain drenched one I live on. :0)

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