Jane's Patisserie by Jane Dunn {Cookbook Review}

Once upon a time I collected cookbooks and baking books like they were going out of style. Then I moved and had to take a serious look at the over flowing shelves, there was a cull and a lot of them were re-homed to loving friends and family who take good care of them. To keep myself from being in that position again I stopped buying new cookbooks as I had enough with all the recipes I could ever want and I mean the internet, right? 

But I broke my many year cookbook buying ban for this one. Having been an avid fan and recipe tester (unofficially) of Jane's Patisserie blog there was nothing that was going to stop me from buying this book with 60 new and exclusive fan-requested recipes! 

It's got everything you could ever want bake - cheesecakes, cakes, cupcakes/muffins, cookies, breads/doughnuts, tray bakes, desserts, tea time treats, and a chapter on sweets! Whenever I review a cookbook I always list a few of the recipes I cannot wait to try so here are 10 recipes waiting to be made in my kitchen: 

No-Bake Speculoos Cheesecake
Baked Brownie Bottom Chocolate Cheesecake
Death by Chocolate Cake
White Chocolate & Pistachio Cupcakes
Banoffee Cupcakes
Chocolate Viennese Whirls
Chocolate Cherry Babka
Salted Caramel Pretzel Slice
Caramel Apple Crumble Pie
Irish Cream Liqueur Fudge

This book is tailored for the home baker at any level the instructions are easy to follow and the ingredients easy enough to find at any local supermarket and/or corner store. Having already attempted the Death by Chocolate Cake and having great success and a friend who make the Sticky Toffee Brownies also with great success and praise from those fortunate enough to try them I think it's safe to say that for me this book has found a permanent space on my shelf. 

And because the world loves videos - I made a quick tiktok flipping through the book if you want an insider view of it! Of course you can also visit Jane's Patisserie blog if you wanted to try out some of her other recipes! 

*I purchased this book (from The Works) all opinions are my own.

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