Strawberry Cupcakes (Day 8 in the August Break!)


  1. Lisa! First of all, that pic of Aurora is adorable! I love her little chef hat. Second of all, I am literally never leaving your house if you are baking all these amazing things all the time!!

  2. My little mini-baker is sometimes more of a hindrance then helpful at the moment! She asks me almost daily to make cupcakes! My mother-in-law gave her the matching hat and apron!
    I do need help eating all of it so, your more then welcome to come over! Those 2 tubs are still in the fridge! I need to remember to only bake during the week so, Craig can take them to work with him!! x

  3. Oh, YUM! I love the melting ice cream on top of the cupcake.

  4. My strawberry frosting didn't turn out right so I improvised!!


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