Christmas Cookie/Biscuits!!

Just like the Halloween cookie pan, we bought a Christmas one!! For these you could use any cookie dough really as you're molding them into pan cavity. We used the sugar/butter cookie recipe provided by Wilton!

I didn't buy new cookie decorations in red and green, we just used the same ones from Halloween! It worked for some and for others it would have been nice to have Christmas colors! It really didn't matter as we had a lot of fun decorating cookies for Santa!

note: To see a picture of the pan follow the links below. I could go take a picture of the pan as I didn't when I was making cookies, but I'm sitting comfortably and can't be bothered at the moment! ;0)

Resource: for UK buyers I got my cookie pan at Hobby Craft, but you can get it on For USA buyers I'm sure you could find it at any store that sells baking things or the Wilton brand, but it is available on

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