Nigella's Devil's Food Cake

taken from Nigella Lawson's Kitchen

This is a first for me, I've made a cake that I won't be eating!! Don't worry it's not because I've gone off cake! It's because it's for someone else! It is for my father-in-law's friend's daughter's birthday!* It is tomorrow and I was asked to make her cake! Happy Birthday Lisa!!^ This recipe can be found on Nigella's website!!

The icing: it has to sit for about an hour maybe a little more and whisked every so often.

Not all cakes need icing.....

....but really isn't it all about the icing?!?! 

I told the friend of my father-in-law that I need feed back and she said she'd let me know! It does make me a little nervous. I can't cut a slice out to try and then say "hey your birthday cake was good! Sorry about the missing slice!" It's not like cooking when you can try it and say oh yeah needs more of this or that before sending it out to a diner. Fingers crossed they like it!

note: I found the plate at Sainsbury's  1/2 off! I bought one for me too! I might have to go back and get the gold or silver. It's perfect for a 20cm (8in) cake!

*it's really not that confusing!
^we share a name!

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