Nothing says 'winter' like Creme Brulee lip-gloss!!

Here my Creme Brulee lip therapy is wearing a sporting Innocent Smoothie hat!
Winter is here!! My lips and hands always are dry and cracked in the winter. So, every year I buy a new lip gloss and hand cream. Usually because the one from the year before is lost or had a spin through the clothes washer! When I was a kid I had a weird obsession with lip glosses. I had a whole caboodle full of them!!

If you don't know what a caboodle is I feel sorry for your missed childhood. Kidding, but this blogger has said it all about what a caboodle stood for! Most of my collection were Lip Smacker's, I remember being about 4-5 years old and getting my first candy cane tube of Lip Smackers for Christmas. I also remember my little sister eating one of them. That was so not cool.

It's doesn't really have a distinct creme brulee smell, but it protects my lips and makes them shiny!
Anyhow...this little tin caught my eye immediately! (I'm like a mackerel) How could I resist when it's named after one of my all time favourite desserts? So, here it is keeping my lips shiny and smooth!! The hand cream I ended up picking up this year was Soap & Glory: Hand Food!

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note: I'm a little behind the times as this ltd edition came out in October! And yes I am a child of the 80's! And no I am not getting paid to write or try these products. Just my opinion and random thoughts! Thanks for reading my somewhat random post!! ;0)


  1. I don't think you're ever too old for Lipsmackers - I'm still wearing them! ;-)

  2. Agreed! I still wear them too!
    I was excited when I found a jumbo strawberry lip smacker at Claire's! (UK) I can't resist the classic flavors! I catch my mini baker with it all the time!! She's like my sister and I have to make sure she doesn't eat it! ;0)


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