Chocolate Easter Nests!!

I think everyone knows how to make these! Coat cereal in chocolate and add mini eggs and you're set! Mini-Baker made one at preschool, she ate the eggs off and left the "nest" which her little sister gobbled up when no one was looking. The chaos that ensued! So, we made our own.

I used a 100g bar of milk chocolate, Cadbury, melted with a few squares of butter to make it smoother.

Once it was melted I just mixed in some corn flakes. I just guessed and didn't weigh an exact amount! You could use any cereal really. Different ones will give you different nest looks. Spoon the mixture into cupcake cases. (Made 4.) Then before it set we added some Cadbury Mini Eggs (I love these!!) and a chic! The chic isn't necessary it's the ones from the preschool I didn't go buy any. Then they take minutes to set, but the girls had to wait until after dinner to eat them!

Simple easy Easter treat!! Enjoy!!

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  1. My little girl made these today. I love them, especially with the chick, but had to make sure her little brother didn't eat the chick! :)


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