Butterbeer Float!! {Happy Birthday Harry!}

Everyone this weekend is all about the start of the Olympics; for me it’s about celebrating the greatest literary character ever! Harry Potter! 

His 31st birthday is this Tuesday (31st of July) and here at United Cakedom we’re going to celebrate with a weekend full of treats from Harry’s world!

Starting with Butterbeer!! I decided to do something a little different, as there are lots of Butterbeer recipes out there. I made mine a float!

Butterbeer Float

Serves 2
2-4 scoops of vanilla ice cream (or butterscotch if you can find it!)
2-4 tbsp of butterscotch sauce
1 can of cream soda

add a scoop (or two) to each cup

pour on butterscotch sauce (eyeball it) 

pour on top cream soda

It's a nice creamy rich taste of vanilla in cream soda with a hint of the butterscotch! Stating the obvious is something I am good at! :0)  Enjoy!! 

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