Sticky Maple-Apple Traybake!! {review: The Great British Bake Off App}

It’s that time of year…The Great British Bake Off has started again! I know this Tuesday will be the fifth episode and that I haven’t said too much about it here on my blog, but I watch every week!!

I love watching the bakers show their skills and creativity when being presented with a challenge. I think to myself if they can do it, then surely I can as well, right? The show has inspired many to take up baking; with books and an iPhone app (out last month) home bakers have lots to choose from for inspiration!

Not owning any of the books that accompany the show, when I was given the opportunity to check out the app I jumped at it!

The app contains fifty amazing recipes selected from The Great British Bake Off: How to Bake and the new book for this year, How to Turn Everyday Bakes into Showstoppers. The recipes will look and feel familiar if you are an avid fan of the show like me.

It didn’t take me long to decide what to make first. As it’s officially fall now all I think about are apples! When I saw the Sticky Apple-Maple Traybake on this app I didn’t have to look any further.

The cake is super moist and full of flavor!! I am finding it really hard at the moment not to go and grab another slice!
The directions say 30-35 mins I only needed 25, so know your oven!
My littlest one saying she "want that" gotta love baby talk!
Big pieces of apple and walnut in a light moist cake!!
The best part of using this app was I didn’t have to touch the screen of my iPad with mucky fingers to get to the next screen! This part took me a minute to figure out… first you need to turn the iPhone, or in my case my iPad, horizontally! It was a light bulb moment for me! Then you touch the little hand picture (see picture above) and you just wave your hand above the screen and it scrolls through as you go!

This app is great for all levels of bakers! Within the app you can take pictures and share on Facebook or Twitter. I am on both under United Cakedom! ;0) At 2.99 you can’t really go wrong with this app!!

The Great British Bake Off App

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