Apple Pie Ice Cream

I never really liked apple pie growing up. I loved the crust and the apple cinnamon goo, but actual cooked apples, not so much!

In fact even today I don’t like an apple pie that is so full of apples that I should have just baked an apple and been done with it. 

(They have those on Pinterest the ones where they hollow out the apple and fill it with filling the cover the top with pastry and bake.)

Am I the only one who doesn't like cooked apples? But loves the crust and the goo?

Maybe I don't like cooked apples because generally they are either over cooked and mushy or not cooked enough and hard. 

I remember picking out the apples of a pie once and licking them clean and eating everything else. I don't think my mom was too impressed.

This ice cream is a perfect way to get that apple pie flavor without the fat sometimes not all the way cooked apples.

I also realize we are entering that time of year we are all thinking of warm comforting desserts. Not cold treats we crave in the warmer weather.

However this combination really brings the two seasons together. It's so good. The ice cream is rich and smooth and the filling and pie crust bring extra flavor and texture! It was delicious!

Apple Pie Ice Cream

  • 1 batch of homemade Cinnamon Ice Cream (I used David Lebovitz’s Cinnamon Ice Cream from his book The Perfect Scoop.)
  • 370g Apple Pie Filling (I used Nature’s Finest Pie Perfection Bramley Apple Fruit Filling.)
  • 1 sweet pie crust, pre-made or homemade, crushed (I used pre-made)

Follow the instructions to make the cinnamon ice cream then as it’s churning in the maker add a couple handfuls of the crushed pie crust.
In the tub that will store the ice cream line the bottom with about 1/3 of the crushed pie crust.
Then layer about half of the cinnamon ice cream.
Using about half of the apple pie filling swirl it into the top of the ice cream layer before sprinkling on some more of the crushed pie crust.
Layer the rest of the ice cream on top and repeat with the pie filling, swirling it into the ice cream and cover the top with the remaining crushed pie crust.
Freeze for stated time in your ice cream recipe or possibly a little longer.

notes: Part 2 of apple week on United Cakedom. Yesterday I talked about my visit to The Winchester City Mill for their Apple Baking Day! I am not reprinting the ice cream recipe here, because I think it’s from such an awesome book that if you are even going to start making your own ice cream you should get it! DavidLebovitz has not approved of this post. If you are not prepared to buy his book then just find a recipe online! Recipe was inspired by Ben & Jerry’s “Oh My! Apple Pie!” ice cream. I wonder if it’s still available? 

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