Welcome to America

My parents moved us around a few times while I was growing up. So, I have lived in Wisconsin, Indiana, and Minnesota. We never left the Mid-West, but it's amazing how states are different. 

It's also amazing the amount of friends and family I have spread across that area. Today my girls and I are flying to Minnesota to stay with my parents for five weeks! We won't be able to see everyone, but we will be meeting up with as many people as we can. 

I do plan to have some down time and in that time I hope to update my blog with any foodie things I do! 

I have some blog posts already pre-dated over the first few weeks, just a few things I have been up to this past week. There are books, bars, cupcakes, and a giveaway! 

There is hope that I will be Tweet-ing, Instagram-ing, Pinterest-ing and Facebook-ing as well so be sure to follow me! I usually follow back as long as I haven't hit any following limits so please find me and say hi! 

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