Five on Friday: Five Fun Foodie Shows

Five on Friday is here again! I am sticking with my American theme for just one more Friday because I am missing some of the fun food shows I watched when I was there.

Here they are (in no particular order):

Food Network

Some nights Food Network would play this show back to back and I literally sat for a couple of hours glued to this show. I had seen it once or twice here in the UK, but I haven't seen it on recently. I think I like this show so much because it's a game I play at least once a week in my own kitchen! Instead of a basket of random ingredients that I have to make meals out of I have my partially stocked cupboards. I do love seeing what the contestants come up with! I would love to be on this show! Hint to Food Network if you'd like to fly me over! 

The Chew

The foodies of the world have been asking for a show like this! Or at  least I know I have been. It's like a great food magazine in video form. The hosts are a great panel of foodies who share with the viewers great recipes, tips, and facts about food! I would also love to be a guest on this show. One episode I watched was all about chocolate... need I say more! 


I want to play this game. In fact I might just have to have my friends over and say alright bring all your favorite snack foods and then we'll thrown them in a pile and see who can come up with the best snack! It's just a fun game show where the winner wins a golden spork. Along with hilarious judges what more could you want? 

Top Chef Duels

I love love love Top Chef, so what could be better then bringing on old contestants and having them face off? The answer is nothing. Nothing is better then that. Bravo Bravo!

Rachel vs Guy Kids Cook-Off
Food Network

It was like watching fireworks when I was watching this super cute show. It was all "ahhh's" and "oooh's" the whole way through. The children on this show are talented, funny, and most can probably cook better then me! 

That concludes my second Five on Friday! If there is a topic you'd like me to cover on my Five on Friday's please leave a comment below or tweet me @unitedcakedom ! Also if you think you'd like to join in I'll add a linky if there is enough feed back asking for it!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!!

notes: Other shows to watch out for (all on Food Network): Cut Throat Kitchen – amusing to watch, The Great Food Truck Race – I’m always up for a race, Cone Wars – if you liked Cupcake Wars then you’ll like the ice cream version of it! Images are from the websites that I have linked for each show. 

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  1. Sigh, I wish we could get the Chew here! I've seen Chopped and Guy and Rachael's Kids Cook Off on Food Network. I just wish Food Network would show more of their US shows here rather than endless repeats of British show which are never as good!


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