Shamed by Hollywood

Paul Hollywood that is! 

Earlier today, Jen from Blue Kitchen Bakes, and I attended the BBC Bakes & Cakes Show!

We were too busy talking on the circle line tube train, that we didn’t hear that it changed directions. 

Stupid tube trains.

If it weren’t for that we would have been in plenty of time to see Paul Hollywood at 11 in the Bakes & Cakes Theatre. However, we were not on time.

As we were sneaking in to take seats in the back, Paul totally called us out. Yes, he paused in the middle of his demonstration and said something about late comers.

At least he caught us up to where he was in his making of his Devonshire Splits, they did look delicious. 

Our faces were a little red, but hey-ho we really hadn’t missed much!

Also, did you know that Paul Hollywood is funny? I was mildly surprised by this fact. He really did put on a good show. The Great British Bake Off really makes him come off as a jerk sometimes. I guess it’s just the bad cop good cop thing they try to portray.

After that we had a great time running around seeing what there was to see.

We had a lovely chat with Scott, from Kooky Bakes and we learned a lot taste and our senses from Flavour Sense Nation. We also learned a lot about York and chocolate, I think I will be visiting there soon. Apparently when the wind is blowing the whole town smells like chocolate!

Overall it was a nice day out and the best was that I got to spend some time catching up with Jen!

notes: I was provided with a press pass for the event, all opinions are my own. Please see my contact/policy page for more information. The Bakes & Cakes Show was held at the Business Design Centre in London. 


  1. Ha ha, he totally caught us out there! Loving the cheesy photo of us :D

  2. So gutted I couldn't make the show :( I'd have been more upset at missing Mary Berry than the male judge.


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