Five on Friday: Five Baking Pans & Tools that I Haven’t Used

Since I started taking baking a bit more seriously I have inquired an over abundance of baking pans, tins, and tools. Some get used all the time like the 8 inch round and square tins and the brownie pan and even my first bundt tin has seen many bakes! There are ones that have only been used once or twice like the 10-inch square pan and heart doughnut pan. Then there are the ones that have never ever ever been used at all!

I haven’t done a Five on Friday in a while and I kind of wanted to get back into it. Here is a list of five baking pans and tools that I haven’t used … yet.

Twinkie Pan or Canoe Pan:
Somewhere in America
Back a while ago now Hostess announced that they were going bankrupt and some people were freaking out that they wouldn't have their Twinkies and Ding Dongs! In the midst of all the news media I was desperate to get my hands on a Twinkie pan or the generic name canoe pan; for no other reason but to capitalize on the news. My sister managed to get a hold of one for me and she bought one for her. She used it and I posted about it here, but I have never used mine. I made a pretty big deal about getting a hold of one, I suppose I should get creative and make my own Twinkies!

Nordic Ware Cookie Cups Pan
This was an impulse buy. I just saw it and I wanted it. So, I bought it and I have yet to decide what to make in it. Thinking mini fruit pizzas... or something to do with peanut butter and chocolate? 

Marshmallow Cutter
I bought this only last year as I have been meaning to make marshmallows for like ever! I even bought some natural flavorings to make flavored marshmallows and still haven’t gotten around to making them! 

Pie Dish
TK Max
I love the movie Waitress where the main character creates and names pies according to her mood. It’s very inspiring to make pies! However I haven’t even started brainstorming pie ideas yet alone make one! I have a pie tin, but it is not very deep and so I bought this one a while back, as it’s nice and deep, but I haven’t actually got around to using it. I should re-watch it and get inspired again!

Individual Square Pan
I bought this as an idea I had for individual cakes. I don’t want to revel too much as it’s still on my to make list. It was purchased 2 ½ years ago! It’s probably about time I get my self-motivated to make my brilliant idea!

notes: I bought all these products, for more information see my contact/policy page. 

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  1. Ooh i actually have that marshmallow cutter wheel and it is amazing! really good for helping slice your marshmallows without them sticking! I was gifted it to me along with a marshmallow baking tray that is meant to be no I didn't put anything in it and my marshmallows stuck like anything so clearly not all their range is great but the wheel cutter defo is! and I have that little square pan too, doesn't get used much but I did make s'mores cookie bars in it before which were great and sometimes I make mini cheesecakes in it too :)


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