Five on Friday: Five Reasons to Love Hawaii Five-O

It’s all my friend’s fault! Sometimes when the girls are in bed I sneak out to my friend and neighbour’s house for a chat and a cup of tea. Sometimes when things get bad it’s a bottle of wine or vodka with apple juice. Don’t judge it’s tough being a mom. 

The said friend watches Hawaii Five-O and when I stop over it’s usually always on. Then without knowing I found myself watching it in the afternoons when I have that random hour with nothing to do before the school run. With just an hour it’s pointless to start anything and by the then I have a load of laundry out on the line another in the wash, dinner prepped etc… I could read one of my many books still waiting to be read or write a blog post, but I have found myself watching Hawaii Five-O instead. 

Here are the main five reasons I keep going back to it. 

1. It’s set in Hawaii. 
    Hawaii is beautiful. Some of the landscape shots are breathtaking. I would love to live here one day! 


2. Alex O'Loughlin as Det Steve McGarrett 
    He's a super smart ex-Navy Seal who is basically a cop ninja. Which makes him sort of cool.

3. Daniel Dae Kim as Chin Ho Kelly
    I loved loved loved him in Lost and I love him all over again in Hawaii Five-O

4. Entertainment
    It’s a bit corny at times and even a little far fetched, but it’s entertaining. When I watch TV, which isn’t often, it’s to be entertained. I am always up for a bit of crime drama! The characters are loveable too, you start to care about what happens to them.

5. Did I mention Alex O’Loughlin??? 

notes: images are not my own, but links to sources are included in the caption. 


  1. Ooooh, Lisa, you and I have another thing in common! H50 is my guilty pleasure! Did I ever tell you we watched them film an episode on the beach when we were in Hawaii last year? We're in the background shot! Except I'm so short, you can't see me. LOL. It's funny I saw this post of yours today as I'm putting together my own Hawaii posts for this week (one for just photos and another food-related)

    1. lol!! That is awesome you got to see them filming and even though you're not seen you know you're there!! Looking forward to your Hawaii post!!


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