August Break 2015 (Day 1 and 2)

When I first started my blog I found a lot of inspiration from a popular lifestyle blogger, Susannah Conway. She runs many e-courses and I think her blog is beautiful.

Back in the day she announced that she was going to take a month off blogging. A sort of sabbatical to refresh and regroup. Having only been blogging for a few months and not really feeling the need for a break I struggled to join in, but it was something I wanted to be a part of so I took part.

I have every year, except for last year when I was physically cut off from the internet world at my parents house, that I joined in. This year having had the inevitable happen I think it's a great time to relax and regroup my blogging ideas.

The August Break doesn't mean you aren't blogging, but where the words are minimal and pictures take over. Pictures apparently are worth a thousand words? There will still be lots of sweet stuff, but also a little bit more about myself as I share my interpretations the suggested themes.

For more information check out The August Break page, it's a very relaxed challenge and if you never read Susannah's blog check it out here.

Day one is always breakfast and as I am a day behind here are my day one and two!

As I have mentioned before in a Five on Friday post I work crazy early hours. I struggle to eat a proper breakfast before I go in settling for a piece of fruit and water. It means I want something as soon as I get in and nothing is easier then eggs on toast! Plus a little hot sauce never goes amiss when getting the day started for the second time!

When I think of air I think of the sky, wind, and flying. If I could choose a superpower it would be flying. To be able to go wherever you wanted when you wanted would be awesome. Even if I couldn't fly like a bird I would be cool with a suit like Iron Man's!

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