Simply Nigella: Feel Good Food by Nigella Lawson {review and signing}

About 7 years ago I left a job I hated to take care of my baby. Taking care of a baby all day is … it’s hard, easy, difficult, rewarding, exhausting, wonderful, boring, incredible, tiring, fascinating, lonely, and the best thing I ever did. The difference for me was that I was in a different country far far away from my family (I still am) and having only lived here for a few years I didn’t have many friends. The  ones I did were single and in full time jobs.

However I did have the Food Network on all day as back ground noise. With reruns of Nigella Bites and Nigella Express on all the time I fell in love with Nigella’s easy going relaxed approach to food. It was also around this time that my cookbook obsession started.

A few years later and another baby I was in my town centre and I saw that she was going to be visiting the WHSmith of course I was there and had my copy of Kitchen signed. I wrote about it on my first blog Pages of the Mind here. It meant that I couldn’t miss Nigella visiting Reading again with her new book Simply Nigella!

Nigella, for me, is like that song or scent that takes you back to a different time or place. When I watch her or read her books I am transported to that time when I was a young women learning how to be a mom and wife without loosing myself in the process.

Nigella had a love of food and worked in journalism. She put the two together and became one of the biggest UK foodies ever! She is, to me, the Elizabeth David of our time. They are both strong women born to upper-class families who did what they wanted and succeeded due to their own hard work and dedication.

As always Nigella was friendly and gave us a couple of minutes of her time! The signing was in the early evening so I brought my girls with me again and Nigella was asking them questions. Both were a little shy and not fully understanding who she was and why were were there. Hopefully one day they will be interested in food like me and they will fight about who will inherit my signed copies? Or maybe they will have their own signed copies one day!

Simply Nigella: Feel Good Food is possibly following a trend like Jamie’s Everyday Super Food. However as she says this is the food she’s eating now. Through Nigella’s books and TV programs we see her extensive cookery book collection full of old and new books and magazines! I would love to visit her library! It seems like she’s constantly educating herself on food and it’s why people, like me, love her! It’s also why I believe she’s writing about the food she’s eating now!

The book reads like a Nigella book and that’s what I like the comfort and familiarity of her voice (written and spoken) mixed with all new recipes! I love it, but perhaps I am a little biased? Give it a look through and decide for yourself!

notes: all opinions are my own, I bought my own copy to have signed by Nigella at Waterstones Reading, for more information see my contact/policy page. If you don’t know who Elizabeth David is read more about her here. Everyone should know who she is! I wrote about the Nigella Kitchen signing on my first blog, which happened to be all about books!! Picture down below... the girls were so little!!

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