Build Your Own Sandwich by Vicki Smallwood {book review}

Some 4th Earl of Sandwich, England is considered to be the creator of a sandwich. When he was busy gambling all night long, he’d get the munchies and instruct his servants to bring him meat in between two slices of bread. That way he could continue gambling and eat; no forks and knives needed!

The idea wasn’t new, it had been around for decades, century’s probably at the time. It was just that his boys teased him enough about his favourite late night snack they dubbed it a sandwich.

When I’m making sandwiches at home I never get any more adventurous then a ham, cheese, or peanut butter and jelly sandwich. When I go out for food and it’s sandwich time I am more adventures with flavours and textures and such.

There is no logical reason for that and that’s why I was pretty excited about Build Your Own Sandwich: More than 6,000 sandwich combos by Vicki Smallwood.

6,000 combos you say? How is that possible you ask? Well, by literally dividing the page into four sections and listing each section as bread, topping, filling, and sauce you can random flip through the pages and come up with lots of different combos! As in the pictures below!

This is usually the part in my review where I list all the recipes I’d like to try out at home, but that’s not so easy with this book so I am going to tell you my top 3 combos that I want to try out.

My Top 3 Sandwich Combos: 

  1. Ciabatta (5); Sprouts, Spring Onions, & Chilli (50); Corned Beef & Swiss Cheese (31); Sweet & Sour Onion Spread (44) 
  2. Brioche (41); Button Mushrooms & Onions (34); Flash-fried Steak (35); Mustard Mayo & Chives (12) 
  3. Pretzel Fingers (73); Griddled Tomato Slices (62); You-Choose Cheese (107); Chorizo Jam (156) 

There are many vegetarian suggestions as well, which is always a welcome change to the sandwich! That’s me, a non-vegetarian, saying that of course! Overall this is a fun and inspirational cookbook! If you or someone you know is looking to make their lunch or late night snack, like the late Earl of Sandwich, more exciting then I couldn’t recommend this book more!

note: I was sent a copy of Build Your Own Sandwich by Vicki Smallwood to review by the publishers. No other compensation was given; all opinions and views are my own. For ore information please see my contact/policy page! My interpretation of the history of the sandwich is exactly that, my interpretation! It’s based on information I read here.

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