Treat Petite February Round-up - Like 'em, Love 'em, Gotta Have 'em!

In the beginning of the month I asked you to share with me the things you like, love, and gotta have for the blogging challenge Treat Petite! I was covering for Cakeyboi this month as he took a bit of a break while he moved house and stuff!

Everyone linked up some great petite treats! Starting with these great pink peppercorn shortbread hearts and healthy carrot cake muffins from Tales from the Kitchen Shed.

Tales from the Kitchen Shed

Tales from the Kitchen Shed

Pancake day might be over, but pancakes are for life not just one day. So, I suggest you try these! 

Gluten Free Alchemist

Only Crumbs Remain
Valentine's Day Brownies

Chocolate is one of those things that I like, love, and just gotta have! You could go super indulgent with Only Crumbs Remain's Valentine's Day Brownies stuffed with Rolo's or with Elizabeth's Kitchen Diary 3 ingredients fudgsicle; still indulgent, but only 200 calories!

Elizabeth's Kitchen Diary

Still looking for more treats? You can't go wrong with these strawberry cupcakes topped with nutella buttercream. Nutella Buttercream!! I don't think I need to say any more - just follow the link below! 

The Baking Explorer

Family Friends Food

Sahib is a hot drink creamy drink that used to be used as an aphrodisiac and definitely worth a look! But not before you check out these amazing apple rose's from Only Crumbs Remain, check out how they were made by following the link below! 

Only Crumbs Remain
A Dozen Apple Roses

Sesame seeds are a super food or super seed? Anyway added to these super sweet Halva Biscuits it probably doesn't matter much! I would like to try these out one day!

Tin & Thyme

How to Cook Good Food
Valentine Mont Blanc Profiteroles

Choux pastry is something I have yet to try and these Mont Blanc ones by How to Cook Good Food are first on my list! Who ever thought you could or should make ice cream into truffles!?! Caroline Makes did and I'm glad she shared them with us this month! 

Caroline Makes

Foodie Quine

Tunnack's. Teacake. Rocky. Road. There are no other words. 

Cooking for Kishore

Shortbread is one of these bakes that is a great base for any flavours and strawberry is as good as any! Marmite is one of those things that you either like or don't, but Allotment Kitchen assures us that even the biggest marmite haters will love this... 

A Seasonal Veg Table: Allotment Kitchen

The more than Occasional Baker

Brownies and peanut butter cookies are two of my favourite thing! With only 3 ingredients these Nutella brownies are perfect for those days that you need a chocolate fix and not much in your cupboard! The peanut cookies are also perfect for those days and they are gluten free!! 

The Gluten Free Alchemist

These Double Chocolate Muesli Cookies look amazing! I can't wait to try them super easy, chocolatey and full of healthy muesli! 

Family Friends Food

Belleau Kitchen
olive oil lemon and ground almond traybake - gluten and dairy free

Last but not least the olive oil lemon and ground almond traybake from Belleau Kitchen! Also gluten and dairy free - you can tell that the world of baking is changing lots of new and tasty things made for so everyone can enjoy them! 

Just a quick thank you for linking up this month! I believe Kat - The Baking Explorer will be hosting again next month and that we will possibly see Stuart - Cakeyboi the following month! Thank you to you both for letting me guest host it was a lot of fun! I hope to do it again sometime!


  1. What a great selection! Thank you to everyone who took part and thank you Lisa for hosting!! I'll be back v soon X

  2. Wow! Fab round up.... Thanks for hosting Lisa!
    Those apple roses are soooo beautiful!

  3. Such amazing looking treats! Thanks for hosting!


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