What a Year! {My Word for 2017}

Sometimes a year passes by without you noticing. They breeze by - easy. Other years take forever. They are hard. I knew I was due a couple of hard years considering how easy my life seemed to be prior.

I have been taking part in Susannah Conway's December Reflections on Instagram and today's prompt is My Word for 2017. This isn't the first year I have thought of a word I want to describe my up coming year. Most of the time I don't want to think of the year ahead at all. This year needs to be different and so it's a good time to reflect and pick a word.

This year I want to find a part of that has been missing for a while. My creative side has been but to the sidelines for too long. I have an art degree and I think it's about time I put it to use. My word for this year is "create." To create something amazing. It's probably about time.

I am still baking just not as much as I used to. I hope to keep this blog up - just with a few changes. 

Here is a video I made reflecting 2016 and the things I did with United Cakedom!

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