Cake Days

Everything I've baked from the hummingbird bakery: Cake Days so far...I wanted to bake everything from this book sort of like a Julia/Julia project, but I have so much I want to bake and so little time. I did decide to list everything I baked from the book as I went along! :0)
Visit the Hummingbird Bakery site! They are also on Facebook!! I have yet to get to London to visit them in person, but as you see I have a Bakery Tour I'm trying to arrange! More on that later!

15, April ~Boston Cream Cupcakes pg 60
+ Amazing

21, April ~Breakfast Bran Muffins pg 48
+ These were good, but need to be eaten out of the oven! It has only 3 stars because it makes 12 or more muffins and for a family of 4 there is no way we'd eat that many in one morning!

24, April ~Coconut Cream Pie pg 88
+ Tasty, but I had a few issues. I left it in the fridge for more then an hour and it wasn't completely set. I think I needed a bigger pie dish/tart tin. Then I over whipped the whipped cream topping. But it was still tasty!!

30, April ~Blueberry and Soured Cream Loaf pg 109
+ It's good! Perfect partner to tea or coffee!

5, May ~ Apple and Oatmeal Cookies pg 156.
+ Awesome!! Trying hard not eat them all at once!! ;0]

27, May ~Lemon and Poppy Seed Loaf pg 91.
+ Stars to be updated later as I've made it for my moms group. I have a feeling I didn't reduce the soaking syrup enough. I also took it out at 45 mins because the top smelt and looked a little burnt. When I inserted a tooth pick it came out clean so I hope that means it's fine! update: I think I reduced the syrup too much as the cake wasn't soaked enough! Well, now I know for next time!


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