Surf and Turf Cupcakes

Inspired by a recipe from Better Home and Gardens:

2 16 oz cans vanilla frosting
24 cupcakes any flavor
1 tube blue decorating frosting or gel
12 gummy fish (such as Sweedish Fish)
1/3 C brown sugar (or 2/3 C finely crushed vanilla wafers - about 16 cookies)
6 peanut shaped peanut butter sandwich cookies (such as Nutter Butter)
Licorice laces, cut into small pieces (24) red and/or black
Red and/or black decorating frosting

1. Tint 1 can frosting light blue. Frost half cupcakes blue. Use darker blue decorating frosting or gel to create waves onto blue frosted cupcakes. Place gummy fish on waves.
2. Tint other can frosting light brown. Sprinkle cupcakes generously with brown sugar or crushed wafers to resemble sand. Set aside.
3. For flip flops, separate sandwich cookies; scrape off filling. Use coordinating frosting (or cookie filling) to attach two short pieces of licorice lace on smooth side of cookie to look like straps on the flip flops. Arrange flip flops on the sand cupcakes.

These cupcakes were made for IN Baker's end of school year party!
They were a big hit!!
posted by IN baker!


  1. This is adorable!!!!! Using nutter butters for cupcakes is a brilliant idea! :)

  2. So cute! I'm going to share this with my sister on fb. She is always looking for cute cupcake ideas.

  3. Hi! Came across your blog on Netmums new blog site. I can really relate to it! I just started a blog (
    Making cupcakes for my daughter's 11th bday this weekend...thanks for the inspiration.

  4. Hi! American Sand just had a look at your blog and added it to my blog roll!! In Aldershot they have an American grocery store called the American Candy Co. It's were I get A1 sauce and cookies like nutterbutters if you were looking to make these cupcakes!! x


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