Cinnamon Loaf

taken from Baked in America by Outsider Tart

I’m not going to add the recipe to this post (because I'm having a lazy Saturday) if you must have it buy Baked in America by the David’s from Outsider Tart or if you’re desperate you can email me and I will share. :0)

I love to bake and I love to taste the labor of my hard work. I’ve joined a local weight loss group in hopes to shred the weight I’ve gained since having babies and then some! I am hoping to find a balance of eating healthy and my baking habit. All in moderation!! Luckily I have plenty of birthdays and holiday’s to bake for for the next few months to keep this blog in action!!

I had a thin slice of this as my morning ‘snack’ it was deliciously cinnamon! It is a mess, but it does say in the book that it could split and crack. I was a little rough getting it out of the loaf tin! Oops. Since this wasn’t for show or anything I wasn’t upset by the look of it, because taste is what matters!!

Keep the votes coming, as I’ll be making cupcakes for cupcake week!!

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