Cupcakes from the Primose Bakery

Do you like my natural mood lighting?
Gotta love camera phones!
I bought this today after a lot of indecision. I got a feeling that you were either Team Primrose or Team Hummingbird. I think I just read so many reviews that if the reviewer liked one of the places they dissed the other and vise versa. Since I'm a huge Hummingbird Bakery fan I figured I wouldn't like this book. I just got the book today and will be testing it out soon!

The decision was really made for me because at WH Smith they are selling it for...

WH Smith have probably discounted the book because at the end of the month Martha Swift and Lisa Thomas are coming out with their second book The Primrose Bakery Book. So, for you locals go grab yourself a copy at WH Smith while the price is's even cheaper the The Book People!

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