Cake Decorating: Learn how to create beautiful cakes Issue 1!!


cutters and non-toxic glitter (although they don't recommend you eat it)

cupcake stand
I have been absent this last week as my family and I are all sick! I think half of England is sick, I can say that because of the amount of kids absent from preschool, facebook status', and the line (queue) at the pharmacy was a freakin' hour!!
While I was waiting for my daughter's prescription I saw this magazine and free gifts for only 99p!! Bargain. It's a weekly magazine so the next issue is out next week at 2.99. I am more for baking then I am for decorating, but when you bake a good cake it is nice to have some decorating skills no? So, maybe this will get me on the right track. There are a few basic cake recipes (not that I need any more recipes) but it is good for people who rather decorate then bake.
I hope to be feeling better soon and back to baking!!
Happy Mother's Day!! (UK Sunday 18th of March)
Have a good weekend everyone!!

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