Oreo Pops!!

I made these super easy Oreo Pops, for my daughter's Valentine's Day Party at preschool.

Not only did the kids love them, but they are super easy to make!

They are also super versatile! You can use different colored candy melts in place of the white chocolate and use different sprinkles according to the event or holiday that you are celebrating! ~ Janet

Oreo Pops:

Oreos, as many as needed
white chocolate, decide according to the number of oreos
sprinkles, whatever you want

1. I dipped a candy stick into melted white chocolate and put it in the center of a double stuffed Oreo cookie.

2. Then I spooned the melted chocolate over the pops, turning them. I tried to dip them but the chocolate was too heavy so the cookie kept breaking (not that the kids minded...they got to eat the messed up ones!).

3. Then I placed them on parchment paper and sprinkled red and pink sprinkled on them. 

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