Dear Blog,

Happy 1st Birthday!! 

Today dear blog you are a year old!! We’ve been through a lot!! Here are a baker's dozen of posts from the past year that we've shared together:

1. The first post: a tale of two whoopies
2. An attempt in creating Irn Bru Cupcakes
3. Where I admit I have a problem and where I make excuses for my problem! 
4. I went on bakery tours of London! One in the fall and spring
5. I made my husband this awesome birthday cake!! 
7. Really really yummy Chocolate Orange Brownies!! 
11. My big hit on Pinterest Magic Marshmallow Puffs
13. Brioche, it was really good! 

There were so many yummy things made this past year! I can’t wait to look back on where this year will take us!! Love always Lisa! 
PS I forgot to mention we also joined Twitter! (@unitedcakedom) something I thought we'd never do! I think I am actually enjoying it! 

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