Baking Out Loud: fun desserts with big flavors by Hedy Goldsmith {book review}

I have lived in the UK now for 7+ years now and it doesn't matter how often I go back to visit or talk to family and friends I still get homesick. When I get that longing for home I always get online and spend a horrendous amount of cash on imported treats from home. Now because of Hedy Goldsmith and her amazing book, Baking Out Loud, I can make classic American treats that I remember from my childhood (home)! 

Not only will homemade versions be better for you, but I bet they taste better! I can't wait to get in the kitchen with this book!! 

What I want to make first!! 

  • Red Velvet Twinks (picture) 
  • tootses
  • fig new t's
  • overstuffed nutters (on cover) 
  • s'more brownies (picure)
  • cinnamon graham crackers (picture) 
  • peach and blueberry crostata
  • chocolate , cherries, + chipotle ice cream 
  • sour cream coffee cake 
  • cinni mini bun bites (picture)
There are a lot more exciting things in this book so if your into "fun desserts with big flavors" I would suggest this book to you! 

Baking Out Loud: fun desserts with big flavors by Hedy Goldsmith 

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