Biscuits for Mum!! {Guest Post}

Mother's Day is only a week away! It's another holiday where everyone is told to buy their mother this or that, but sometimes making a gift is even more special. Holly Arnold, recipe editor @ goodtoknow has contacted me again to share with you her fun and flavourful biscuits she's created for Mother's Day!! 

Biscuits are a perfect way to show your mother you care! Just make sure you or someone else is willing to clean up the mess in the kitchen after you're done! Down below are some amazing ideas for different flavours, shapes, and decorations! 

Before you go... if you have a family recipe that has been passed down to you, from your mother and you think it's amazing- why not send goodtoknow Recipes your mum's best dish & win!! You have until 12th of March to send it in!! Can't wait to see all the entries!! ~Lisa 

Biscuits for Mum 
By Holly Arnold, Recipes Editor,

I never fully appreciated just how versatile biscuits are until we spent a day creating  new Mother's Day biscuits for goodtoknow.

A simple, vanilla biscuit recipe can be decorated, shaped and flavoured in so many different ways - the only thing holding you back is your imagination!

A basic biscuit dough (flour, egg, butter and sugar) can withstand extra flavours. Chunks of chocolate, fudge, even popcorn (trust me, it works!) add a extra burst of flavour to the mixture. Try hiding a raspberry inside some cookie dough for a delicious hidden centre.

We asked ourselves what do you give your mum on Mother's Day that would be much better as a biscuit - and voila, the Mother's Day biscuit card was born! If you give your biscuit dough about 20 mins in the fridge to cool, it can be kneaded and shaped into almost any creation you can think of.

We have our good friends at Dr Oetker and Lakeland to thank here! Sprinkles, food gels and gold shimmer spray, there is a product to turn every crazy idea you have into a reality. Our flower pot plants were dreamt up when we saw these incredible muffin pots.

So why got give a go yourself? You'll be surprised how much fun you can have with plain old biscuits!! See all 17 of our new Mother's Daybiscuit creations.

note: Happy Mother's Day!! Treat your mom to something nice on Sunday ... like biscuits! ;0) 

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