Red Nose Day Sugar Cookies!!

Today is Red Nose Day!!

Should I be ashamed to admit I have not seen any of the Red Nose Day programs on TV?? I did watch the Great British Bake Off Red Nose Day competition, which I thought, was fun. I have also bought the accompanying book as I have bought Jamie Oliver’s books in the past to support Red Nose Day. I have also bought the girls Red Noses as I do every year…but this year I was given an opportunity to actually bake for it, without having to organize my own event.

My father-in-law’s office was holding an in office bake sale with all proceeds going to Red Nose Day. A lot of the people in his office know I bake and so he asked if I could make some cookies.

I choose the Sugar Saucer recipe from Outsider Tart’s Baked in America as they are big American sized cookies and they are delicious. I rolled the cookies in red hundreds and thousands before baking and when I ran out of those I used some left over heart sprinkles. I saved the few cookies with hearts for my daughters lunch box. Shhhhh don’t tell. ;0)

Red Nose Day is a worthy cause that helps countless people across the UK and people in Africa better their lives. Sometimes giving can be hard when one is trying to make ends meet, but little things like baking cookies for a bake sale or buying a red nose for kids helps too!

to find out how you can get involved Red Nose Day Official site


  1. So cute - and I love the top photo where it looks like the nose has take a bite!

    1. Thank you! My girls love all the noses, but this dinosaur is my favorite!


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