Is Happiness Obtainable? {Why I am a Happify Pioneer}

“Happiness depends upon ourselves.” – Aristotle

I never really thought of happiness as something that I could obtain. I always thought of it as something that just happens to us. Happiness is also something I thought I always had to have.

It’s impossible to be happy all the time, but it’s definitely not good to be sad, stressed, disappointed all the time either. Recently things have become more stressful then usual, just life stuff.

I didn't notice it as it slowly crept up on me. I couldn't switch off at night so I was constantly tired. Taking care of two very active little ones became even more of a challenge and I didn't always have the patience for them.

There were a few other signs spots, ulcers etc... All of these were signs of being stressed and being generally unhappy.

Happify contacted me at a time I desperately needed to step back and take a look at my life. I have been working on my track now for a several weeks. I don’t get on everyday, but as often as I can and every time I come away feeling a little better.

Baking and reading have always been escapes for me, but they don’t allow me to reflect and make changes in my life. Happify has made me think about things and recognize that I do have control of my happiness.

It hasn't necessarily made all the stressful stuff go away, but it’s allowed me to handle it better. It’s allowed me to see what I already have and should be enjoying. I have learned a few simple meditation techniques that has allowed to switch off at night. Which has allowed me to get a full nights sleep. Which isn't just better for me, but everyone around me.  

Want to learn more? Come find me on Happify!!

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