NY Crumb Cake!! {guest post}

I've always loved cake! Baking it. Eating it. Discussing it. I like to try new recipes but until recently haven't been that adventurous; inspired by Lisa and all things sweet I thought I'd like to bake a cake a little different to anything I have before.

A few months ago I had the pleasure of visiting Outsider Tart with Lisa (it was her birthday treat!) What an amazing experience - if you haven't been you really should!! There were lots of sweet treats to tempt us and I chose NY crumb cake. It looked amazing and I'd never heard of, let alone tried crumb cake. It was delicious. a sweet, dense sponge with a cinnamon "crumb" topping and icing. Having thoroughly enjoyed the experience I bought the book Baked in America and was thrilled to discover the recipe for NY crumb cake.

It is different to anything I've baked before but the recipe was easy to follow and I followed it to the letter. The only difference being the cake tin. I used a round tin which made a deeper cake which meant it took longer to bake than I expected but the extra wait was worth it! Once baked and cooled I made a simple icing using sugar, milk and vanilla (as recommended in the recipe) and this added the finishing touch. I was extremely pleased with the outcome and will be baking the cake again.

 ~ Lauren

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