innocent inspires: a guide to good taste

Wednesday night I had a great opportunity to attend the innocent inspires event in London. I should first thank Kelly from AmericanCupcake in London for giving away tickets and I was a lucky winner!

It was the fourth event in a series of 5 and Wednesday’s event focused on taste. When we arrived we where immediately provided with innocent drinks. Sticking close to Kelly we grabbed a seat as close to the front as we could. While we waited for the event to start The Dip Society sent around some veggies and some of their dips.

There were 5 speakers:

Florence Knight (head chef at Popetto) talked to us about food trends and how she’s not into trends, but providing fresh in season food. Her peppered ice cream with caramel and peaches was probably the best thing of the night! It was very interesting, but gorgeous.

Ms Marmite Lover (underground supper club queen) was absolutely hilarious! With an openly honest approach to hosting she stole the night in my opinion. The marmite bloody mary was not refreshing in anyway, but the toast was good!

Bompas and Parr (jellymongers extraordinaire) “Bring out the Jelly!!” The jelly that I got to try was good. I was a little disappointed on how it was served. There were a good handful of flavors but we only had 2 different jellies get passed down our table. But he did a great job at putting on a show! I never knew the amount of things you could do with jelly!

Emilie Baltz (transatlantic food designer) arrived from America that night and led us on an exploration of taste using a fig and a small piece of vanilla pod. First we took a bite of the fig and then took a bite with earplugs. The last bite was with earplugs and the scent of vanilla. Proof that more then one of our senses are being used when we eat.

Ollie Dabbous (chef-owner of the game changing Dabbous) bless him I think he was a bit nervous. But he had a lot of great information on what it takes to open and run your own business. At the end of the day it’s about the food and attitude.

didn't stick around for the Q&A as I had a train to catch, but I did grab a Graze box on my way out! You learn something every day and on Wednesday I learned a lot of new things! It was a good night and it was nice to meet fellow bloggers! 

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