Let the sun in. {Twinnings Tea review}

Before I moved to England I was never really into hot drinks. The colder the better in my opinion! However after half a decade in the UK I have warmed to hot drinks. Pun intended.

I was given an opportunity to taste 3 fruity flavors of Twinnings Tea: Orange Crush, Apple Crunch, and Blackcurrant Burst!

"Let the sun in. Prepare for a burst of juicy sweetness" 

is what the side of the Orange Crush box promises. It's pretty close! It was the most refreshing of the 3 hot or cold. The day I was taste testing was a bit warm so after drinking a hot cup, I took the advice of the back of the box and made a chilled drink. Which my eldest daughter drank down when I wasn't looking!

All you do is make the cup of tea let it cool down. Then add it to a tall glass with ice and top up with lemonade, Lilt, or some other citrus soda and enjoy! 

"Mellow - Sweet apples ripe and ready for drinking" 

This was the least authentic tasting, it was good and it tasted like apples, but it reminded me of a candy/sweet flavor not a true apple. But I suppose apple flavor would be hard to replicate. Was a refreshing cup of tea none the less!

"Mmmm... the sweet tang of plump blackcurrants is just moments away" 

Blackcurrant isn't my favorite flavor, mainly because it always catches me out when I'm eating Skittles. They are not grape like they are in the USA! However the tea was light and refreshing and perfect for this gorgeous summer we are having! 

I tried this chilled as well! Instead of using lemonade or another citrus drink I used cranberry juice. It was good!

I gave a few tea bags to Mr Knightley to take to work for some of them to try too and his lovely co-worker Michelle tried them and rated them Orange, Blackcurrant, Apple. We were both on agreement that the orange was the best! She was also the one to put into words why I didn't fancy the apple one as much, which was the reason I stated above.

When it's warm out the last thing we need is are thinking of is a hot milky drink sometimes a nice fruity tea is what is needed! Twinnings have a whole range and most of them are only 4 calories so perfect for those who are watching that part of their life! 

notes: I was provided these teas for tasting. Please see the contact/policy page for further information. 

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