Lion Birthday Cake!! {guest post}

So, after my success with the Spider-Man cake, I spotted a recipe in a book that I just HAD to make. So much so, that I bought the book just for this one recipe!

The book is the Baking Recipe Collection by Sainsbury's and the recipe that caught my eye was the 'Loveable Lion'. 

My niece has loved lions for as long as I can remember, so it seemed the perfect cake to bake for her 16th birthday.

The recipe itself was simple to follow and the decorating was just as easy...and so much fun!  

I did allow myself to deviate slightly from the instructions by using cola laces for the whiskers (like a group of teenage girls are going to complain that there are sweets on the cake!), but that's part of what I like about cake decorating.

Everyone commented on how great it looked and I must admit, I was totally over the moon with the result (possibly even better than the one in the book!).

I have made so many things from this book now and it's become one of my baking bibles. It's great if you want a simple baking book with some great family friendly ideas.

 ~ Sharon 

notes: Remember Sharon's Spider-man cake? See it here! baking recipe collection by Sainsbury's is available at Sainsbury's. 

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