The Sweeter Side of Life {The Vintage Sweets Book review}

I have always enjoyed the sweeter side of life. However I haven’t always realized how easy it was to make sweets (candy) at home.

Angel Adoree has recently published her 3rd book The Vintage Sweet Book; it has everything you never needed to make your favorite childhood sweets at home.

The book is broken down into 3 sections.

Sweet Beginnings has the basics you need to make sweets and some of the easier things to make. Such as Sugared mice, Fruit jellies, and Jazzies.

Softball, frimball & hardball sweets will take a bit more work, but definitely worth the effort. With sweets like Marshmallows, Liquorices, and Wine gums.

Soft-crack & hard-crack sweets these types of sweets require you to get the sugar very hot, so do take care, but once you have mastered it you can make sweets like Rhubarb & custards, Cola Cubes, and Sherbet dip lollipops.

In between all the sweet recipes there are fun cocktails and craft projects that include how to make tags and gift boxes for the sweets!

I may not have grown up with the same sweets, but I have tried and fallen in love with most of them since I've arrived here!

I can’t wait to try making some of these for presents. I am starting with the Rum & raisin fudge for a Christmas fete. I will be making it tonight or tomorrow morning and will be sure to share with you how it turns out.

Then who knows what I’ll try next… the possibilities are endless. Plus once you get the basics down, you can create your own flavors of sweets!

This book is perfect for anyone who adores sweets, a vintage style, or making things at home! It comes in two sizes; the smaller version would be a great stocking stuffer! 

20.2 x 15.6 x 2cm

notes: The Vintage Sweets Book by Angel Adoree is available now and was given to me to review because I asked if I could have the privilege. I have Angel Adoree’s other books and love them! See my reviews for them here and here

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