Colorful Cakes! {Clandestine Cake Club}

I really enjoyed this theme! The colors were listed and then after the event was full, Louise, our organizer listed us in alphabetical order next to the already listed colors! Just to add a little bit of mystery and to be a bit more creative! 

I was listed next to black! I automatically was like I'm doing a Black Velvet Cake! But really I wish I had thought about it a bit more. I could have done a Black Forest cake or a Blackout Cake... or something like that. However I was still happy with my completely black cake, well except for the orange sprinkles on top!

The frosting was a bit too smooth as the more black coloring I added the smoother it got, but the more white icing sugar I added it'd get lighter... eventually I just opted for it to be smooth. Therefore it slide everywhere. Ah well! 

Now for everyone else's cakes!! 

(Going left to right top to bottom)

Katy had purple and she made a Purple Ombre Cake which is an almond cake, with passion fruit puree between the layers, topped with a white chocolate buttercream! Yum! The passion fruit puree was very yummy in between the delicious cake layers! And look at those roses! Amazing! (The small little picture on top was the inside) 

Siobhan was given orange and she made a Chocolate Orange Cake with white chocolate ganache and orange zest to decorate! The chocolate layers were moist and really tasty, mixed with the orange it was a gorgeous cake! 

Clare had red and went with a classic Red Velvet Cake. You can't go wrong with red velvet! It was very tasty with the classic cream cheese frosting! 

Then I had black and made a Black Velvet Cake.

Louise, our organizer, had brown, and she made a Brown Butter Cake, with Frangelico frosting and homemade Hazelnut Brittle. We agreed the frosting was a little sweet, she wasn't able to add the toasted hazelnuts to it because she burnt them... oops! However the cake was good and I loved the brittle! 

Jen, fellow blogger at Blue Kitchen Bakes, was given yellow! She decided to make a Lemon Swiss Roll. I do like a good lemon cake! She added a lemon buttercream frosting to spruce it up a bit, it was a good move. The whole cake was moist and zesty! We had a lot of sweet, so it was a nice change in the cake eating of the night! 

Becki, a new comer, had the color pink! She made us a Raspberry Neapolitan Cake (the picture next to it has an inside look). The cake was gorgeous! In looks as well as taste! If she makes cakes this good I can't wait to see her at the next meet up! 

Last but not least we had Fi & Clara's After Eight cake, chocolate and mint (also a sneaky look at the inside in the bottom middle picture) representing the color green! It was definitely minty, but not like the fake pepperminty flavor, it had a nice proper mint flavor and I really enjoyed it! 

My plate after trying all the cakes. I never finish them all, but I do try them! 

Hopefully we'll fit in one more meet-up before the year ends! I really enjoy our group, it's always a nice night out! 

notes: Check out the official Clandestine Cake Club website to find a group near you! And I got a little frosting on the lens of my phone some of the pictures were a little blurry. It had nothing to do with the glass of wine on an almost empty stomach. As you can tell I'm loving my picture collages! And remember I am American I don't do the 'u' in color and flavor. O_o 

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