How to use up Leftover Candy {Post Halloween Post}

This post is geared towards leftover Halloween candy, but could refer to any candy you have laying around!

I have seen a lot of brownies and cupcake recipes that show you how to use up leftover candy. Both are great bases to do so!

Yet, my husband’s favorite thing I make is the easiest no bake thing in the world to make: Rocky Road! I mean really I make cakes and cookies and he asks for Rocky Road!

All Rocky Road is is melted down chocolate filled with various treats, like marshmallows, dried fruits, and nuts. Seriously it’s not difficult at all, but everyone loves it!

The girls did pretty well with Trick or Treating this year, plus the candy we didn't give out gave us a lot of “leftover” candy.

Even though I am a mom who enjoys the sweeter things in life, I am also a mean mom who allows only one piece of candy after lunch and/or dinner. Which also depends on their behavior.

Anyway it’s taking ages to get through their buckets, so I decided to help them along by stealing some of the chocolate bars to use in this Rocky Road.

Leftover Rocky Road

800g milk chocolate, melted
600g, give or take of leftover candy and other things in your cupboard
Such as: Maltesers, chocolate bars, Curly Wurlys, Oreos, cookies, marshmallows, cereal, dried fruit

Melt the chocolate in your preferred method. Let it cool slightly because if your leftover candy is mostly chocolate it will melt it right away and some of it you want to keep its shape.
Place all the leftover treats in a bowl and pour in the melted chocolate. Fold until everything is covered in chocolate.
Spoon/pour into a prepared tin, I used my silicone 9x9 square pan as it gives it a nice thickness and it’s super easy to get out, no greasing or lining!
Once it’s cool place in refrigerator. Once set take it out of fridge for a few minutes, before cutting. Enjoy! 

notes: Sainsbury’s milk chocolate bars were perfect for this as they come in 400g bars, this recipe can be adjusted to your taste! If you’re making it as a gift for someone you can adjust it to his or her favorite flavors! Try not to go out and buy stuff to make this, just use what you have in your cupboards! Also note that going to Sainsbury’s the day after Halloween will allow you to pick up candy at a very discounted price! Yum! 

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