Every Meal Should be an Experience {at Handmade Burger Co.}

There is a burger craze going on in England at-the-moment! It seems to be wherever I look there is a new burger place popping up. So, what makes one place stand out from the rest?

The food and the atmosphere.

I recently visited Handmade Burger Co. at the Oracle in Reading and they had both! 

First the food:

All the burgers are homemade. I know I don’t really have to tell you that as it is the name of the place. However they really mean they are homemade. The meat is fresh that day no freezing and then slopping them on the grill whenever it is needed.

There is like a million different choices! I finally decided on the Mexican (beef) burger. It had salsa, guacamole, jalapenos, and my favorite part homemade tortilla chips! All on a brioche bun! The brioche bun added sweetness to the spicy of the burger.

My date and friend, Kirsty, decided on Jimmy’s Farm Beef Cheese & Bacon burger. Which was made from a rare-breed, free-range beef. It definitely had a different taste and was moist and delicious! The caramelized red onion relish was super tasty!

Then we decided share a side of chips and coleslaw. Both were great accompaniments to our burgers. The chips were crisp and fluffy and I loved the Cajun Mayo dip. Our other side the coleslaw was the perfect amount of creaminess to crunchiness.

Then drinks there are a variety of beers, ciders, and wines, sodas, and shakes and malts. I had to have a handmade peanut butter shake. Yummy. Kirsty choose a Peroni as she says you can’t have a burger without a beer!

For dessert there is a selective of sundaes. I choose the brownie and waffle and Kirsty choose the banoffee both were delicious!

Now for the atmosphere:

The d├ęcor is simple, yet stylish and relaxing. The staff were lovely! They were talkative and informative. All questions we had were answered and when I asked for no onions, I was I could have my burger however I wanted! 

Once you decide on what you want you pay at the counter (like at Nando’s) and then when your order is ready it is brought to your table. I forgot to order a brioche bun with my burger. Oops! When we asked a member of staff if it was too late to correct it we were told it was not a problem and I received my brioche bun! 

Be careful when asked if you want dessert, because even if you say no they may convince you otherwise! We didn't think we could fit another bit in and we managed a good quarter of a sundae each!

Overall we had great food and a great afternoon! I think every meal should be an experience and at Handmade Burger it is!

notes: I was invited to visit Handmade Burger Co. – official website (for locations, menu, & much more), Twitter, Facebook by the Handmade Burger team.
It's worth following them on their social media sites, sometimes they run some really good promos!! The Oracle in Reading, Berkshire and Jimmy's Farm
The handmade tortilla chips on my burger were so good that I would have asked for a bowl all on their own if I thought I could get away with it! Note that the side dishes are actually quite big and your burger will be filling so sharing sides would be a great way to go!


  1. Ohh yum!! We're going to give them a try in a few weeks for my birthday! I can't wait x

    1. Happy (few weeks early) Birthday! It is a great place for casual yet delicious food! Hope you like it as much as I did!

  2. Looks delicious, been thinking about going there for a bit of a treat one day. You've convinced me now, those burgers look amazing!


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