The Best of Bakeries in the Heart of London {guest post}

The city of London has a vibrant mosaic of cultures. Thanks to the esta propelled agility in travel laws today, people bring with them a plethora of fresh and innovative ideas and tastes for us to savor. When it comes to desserts, cakes are a no match. The city itself stands out in terms of the quality and uniqueness of the bakeries it has. Preparing a concise list of the best of the all that the city boasts of is indeed a daunting task. Here are the names which people adore for more than a single reason:

Wild and Wood, Bloomsburry: For those who seek a small break from their daily chores, the ambiance here is perfect. With wood carvings and antique decoration items the food is always ready to complement. It is renowned for its cronut across the country which is usually coupled with a coffee. The impeccable blend of butter and lemon-cream makes the cronut a symbol for the bakery. The presentation is beautiful and in unison with the antiques, done on a wooden slate.

Cocomaya, Paddington: This place is a delight for art lovers. The innovative minds behind the bakery food are always up for experiments and unique approaches to be tried. They have been aptly titled the Gucci of bakeries and every single food item on offer is going to make one's taste buds go restless. Chocolates are their forte and the finest cocoa is their secret ingredient, hence the name. The Silicon Lemon from them is an all time people's favorite.

E5 Bakerhouse: If there is a place which has the best sourdough on planet earth, it's this. They preserve the lineage in the competitive world today; preparing it from local ingredients and organic means, which are considered at the epitome of good hygiene, it is amongst the myriad of items on the menu. They have courses to pass on their secret recipe to the inquisitive. Being situated near to the fields, it is the perfect drop-point for the picnic bounds one to grab a loaf and the famous coffee to complement it.

Patisserie Belle Epoque: Their secret behind the perfect pastries remains undisclosed in the oven today. Adjectives like 'mouth-watering', 'divine' and 'mystical' adorn this bakery as testimonials from returning customers who have fallen in love with the pastries from this place. Cafe au lait along with a slice of tart are more than sufficient for a leisurely hour spent praising the place. Since its inception in 2002, the traditional French bread has never dropped off the popularity charts.

Ayers the bakers: This place defines variety when it comes to the best of breads in particular. The Breakfast platter is heavily sought throughout the week. If you are a cronut fan and running low on money, this is the place to be and relish the best on offer. The flaky pastry layers and the custard blends in the cronut is their signature.

Since the options are endless and the city is growing as a cultural pot, the establishment of
ESTA, further aids the tourists to travel and savor these delights. Visiting one would make you come back to the place is what the natives and tourists heartily opine.

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