Dishes are the Worst Household Chore ... Ever!

For my birthday I asked for a new vacuum cleaner. The one I was using was completely useless and was so loud I used to get a headache from it. No one gave me a vacuum cleaner. I was actually disappointed.

I’m not against getting useful things as presents. I love useless, self-involved presents as well, but practical gifts are always appreciated! Anyway our dishwasher went kaput a few months ago. It leaked water everywhere and the floor needed to be replaced.  

I could not hand wash all the dishes a family of four produce, forever. Two or three meals a day times a family of four, plus the dishes added from my baking obsession equals a lot of dishes. They just take so much time and it’s never ending. Honestly dishes are the worst household chore ever.

I actually asked Santa for one, but just like my birthday and the vacuum cleaner one never appeared.

After the new tiles were laid and doing some research I started to think about what I wanted in a dishwasher, considering my husband refused to take the role, I finally decided on a Bosch dishwasher. I found mine at Argos online here.

It had everything I was after A+ energy rating, child locks (because kids of all ages love buttons), full size (which allows me to fit a days worth of dishes in), overflow protection (ahem), and it is affordable.

Now after a big baking/cooking session I can just throw (not literally) the dishes into the dishwasher and push a few buttons and they are done! Now this year for my birthday I am free to ask for useless self-involved presents! Or a new bed set?

notes: In association with Argos; for more information please see my contact/policy page. 


  1. Ohh I dream of a Even if I had enough money to buy one there's not enough room in the kitchen for one :(

    1. I feel for you! I cannot live without mine!!


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