Excuses vs Reasons: We all have them!


I have no real valid excuse for not updating my blog before now. I just sort of stopped.

Not that I had anything to update. I hardly baked or made anything. I had, still have, a long list of things I want to make.

It wasn't like I was even all that “busy.”

I have decided I am going to stop using that as an excuse for anything.

For instance when I was late responding to a text or email I would always start out by saying “I’m so sorry I've just been so busy…”

The thing is everyone is busy. We all have stuff that happens in life and sometimes it just takes over.

One of the ways I was busy is that my sister came to visit for the month of December.

Another way was I had the girls off of school.

That’s about it really.

Another “real” excuse reason for not updating is that I have had to tighten up our food budget.

I have a cupboard full of baking stuff that needs to be used up. So, stay tuned for updates using up what I already have!

Another reason is I am looking to make the jump to Wordpress and I’m still learning the new platform, as it’s slightly different then blogger. Plus I want it to look exactly how I want it before I import the blog over and show it off!

I have a couple book reviews, a guest post from my friend, and a few easy things to make to get posted so hopefully it won’t be so long in-between posts this time!

I hope everyone has had a great holiday break and they are looking forward to the New Year!!

notes: Excuse: 1a: to make apology for 1b: to try to remove blame from. I need to have a catch up on everyone else’s blogs, so don't be surprised if I leave comments on your posts I missed over the holidays! Picture collages were made with Pic Collage app on my iPad and are the things I have made over the year! The app is free, but it was decision to download it! 

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  1. What if you kinda change style a bit and bake on a budget - I know it is hard sometimes when you can't buy all the ingredients, so you could do substitutions that are already in your kitchen


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