Giving and Receiving

You know when you say you're going to do something, but then you go and do something else?

Sainsbury’s gave me a copy of their latest book titled Cake to give away to one of my readers.

Well, I’m not going to host a giveaway.

However, I did give it away.

I gave it to my friend Sharon, she is a reader of my blog!

She is also my friend who has guest posted a few times here on United Cakedom. She’s shared her Spider-Man Cake that still gets loads of views.

She has also shared the Lion Cake she made from Sainsbury’s book titled Baking. Which is the number one viewed post on my blog this week!

When we were talking one day she asked if I had seen that Sainsbury’s had just come out with a new cake book. Of course I had and it was because of her excitement that I decided I was going to give her my giveaway copy. 

I really think she deserves it.

I mean look at the Loveable Lion Cake it's amazing! 

Plus she promised she’d share any and all her creations from the book with us!

If you have any doubt that she deserved a copy of this book please feel free to leave a comment!

The book has a lot of inspiration for the beginner and the more advanced cake decorator!

It has animals like a pig and a bunny! No lion in this one though, for that you’ll have to check out the Baking book. But there are fun holiday cakes for Halloween and Bonfire Night. Cakes for all occasions, birthdays, anniversaries, mother and father’s day and many more!

 At 5 pounds it’s a real bargain!

Sainsbury’s have a whole range of books so if cakes aren't your thing they have other titles at that price! There is one for Quick Recipes another with Winter Warmers those two stick out in my mind at the moment. If you watch out sometimes they even go down to 3 pounds 50 pence!

notes: in association with Sainsbury’s, for further information please see my contact/policy page. 

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