Meeting Mary Berry! {a book signing}

In my about me page I mention that I started baking when I made my daughter’s first birthday cake.

I had never baked a cake from scratch before. So, I did what every normal person does, I went on Amazon and ordered a book on cakes. 

The book I happened to choose for both the title and the price was Mary Berry’s Fast Cakes.

Being American I had no idea who Mary Berry was, nor at that time did I even think to care who she was.

All I knew is that I wanted to bake a cake from scratch and I wanted an easy and fast way to do it.

However when my friend asked about my cake making and I said that I had a Mary Berry book, she was not surprised.

It was a few short years later she was in the spot light again for The Great British Bake Off. Now Fast Cakes has been republished with a new cover, as I’m sure a lot of her other titles have been.

I was excited to learn she had published a new book Mary Berry Cooks!

And even more excited when I found out Mary Berry was going to be in my town signing books!

The line was huge! I arrived a good couple of hours early and it was already snaking around the bookshelves.

The line moved quickly. We weren't allowed to take photos with Mary, it was a little disappointing, but I understand why. It would have taken forever!

I never know what to say to people I admire so I usually end up saying something silly like I did when I met the David’s from Outsider Tart. This time I had a 4 year old with me and she took the pressure off, by telling Mary that her hands were sticky.

Considering she’s cuter then me she got the attention and I was just another person in a line.

But hey I got my book signed!

I also got one signed for my mother-in-law for Mother’s Day. When I asked her about Mary Berry she told me this:

“Mary Berry was my very first cookery book, given to me as a wedding present from my Aunt Maisie back in 1979. So, Mary got me cooking much more. Some of her cake recipes I still use today as they are my favourites and always work! Love the woman and she inspired me to be adventurous in making family meals! Want a great shortbread recipe – Mary Berry! Want an easy to make cheesecake – Mary Berry! She is my cooking bible! Mary’s recipes are easy straight forward and don’t trash your kitchen.” ~ Kate (my mother-in-law)

Which basically sums up the fact that Mary is classic and her books will be on bookshelves for many years to come!

notes: An image of my first cake is here, it's the pink one with a number one on it! Want to know what I said to the David’s of Outsider Tart? See that post here!

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