Five on Friday: My Five Favorite Baking Ingredients

As a blogger I start a lot of my posts out with I love love love this or that. Apparently that's annoying. There was a person on twitter saying so. Ever since then I try really hard not to gush about my favorite types or flavors of bakes too much or in that way. I try to be a bit more natural about it.

However I do have a handful of favorite baking ingredients. If I had to choose between these five things I would have to walk away as I couldn't decide I love all of them!!


An apple a day keeps the doctor away! It counts if they are baked in pastry or cake or cookies!! 


Works so well in bakes!! It's got a bit of heat and always makes me think of fall/winter! 

Peanut Butter:

Reminds me of my childhood and tastes great paired with chocolate or on it's own!! 


You either love it or you hate it!! 


I not only love drinking coffee, but I love coffee flavored cakes, frosting, ice cream, and so on!

What are your favorite things to bake with? 

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  1. Coconut is definitely my number one fave thing so right there with you on that one! love baking with peanut butter too, and also oreos and more recently Nutella everything!!!


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