Love, Tanya by Tanya Burr {book review}

This isn't a baking book or a cookbook per-say, but it’s a book written by Tanya Burr who made a name for herself on YouTube. As a person trying to make a name for myself in the food blogger world, I admire people like Tanya who have succeeded in her topic and medium!

She starts out with giving us a background of how she grew up and how from a young age she had a love of dressing up and being in charge! A typical characteristic of an older sister! I know I have one.

After finishing school she found a job at a make-up counter and with help from friends started a YouTube channel giving tutorials on how to achieve different looks.

When she started it wasn't to become a big YouTube star, but as it started to take off and her views and subscribers started going up she was smart about it and made so good business deals. Today she not only has a successful YouTube channel but her own make-up line and now her own book!

The rest of the book is focused on fashion, beauty, and lifestyle tips and recommendations. There is also a section on baking/cooking, self-confidence and YouTube!

At the end of the chapters’s she has sections where she suggests you write down your favorite things and memories.  I think it’s a great idea; it’s an interactive book!

The book is just like her YouTube channel full of many different things! It’s amazing how popular YouTubers are, the other day I saw a magazine full of UK YouTubers! It’s a great way for people to showcase what they know and gain confidence in who they are.

I do have a YouTube channel, but I have yet to really dive into. Just wetting my toes so to speak. Perhaps one day I will get around to making something of it.

Overall I enjoyed reading Tanya’s book. It’s nice to learn more about the person in front of the camera and she really knows her stuff when it comes to makeup and hair and life!

notes: I bought this book, all opinions are my own, for further information please see my contact/policy page! Check back tomorrow as I tried one of her recipes from her baking section! The video below is a video of her Lemon Drizzle cake which is also in her book! 

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