Jaffa Mess - Rules Are Meant to be Broken

I made a new friend - I know I sound like 12 years old saying that, but new friends when you're old are few and far in-between so you know it's something to shout about! Anyway so my new friend and I were talking cake stuff and he mentioned that he wanted to make a jaffa cake cake. 

Like this one:

Of course I was all like yeah I've made a Jaffa Cake Cake (pictured above) and pointed him in the direction of my blog! But he was all like I don't follow recipes and I was like what? It impressed and baffled me all at the same time. 

So, later on I get this message: 

So, to reiterate here is how you make a Jaffa Mess: you will need burnt cake, watery jelly, crystallised chocolate then put all the ingredients in a bowl and drop it on the ground.  

The thing is if the cake hadn't burnt, the jelly set right, and the chocolate hadn't seized up he would have had a great cake! Of course that is as long as he didn't drop it! Even when you follow a recipe these things can happen. 

I just wanted to share because I loved his attitude towards it. The whole I don't need a recipe to tell me what to do, I'm going to do it on my own! And even though it didn't quite turn out as expected he just laughed about it and moved on. 

What about you? Are you a recipe follower or do you tend to wing it like my friend here? 

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