Lush Christmas 2015 {event & product review}

When I first started blogging I imagined my blog as a magazine. One where you’d find some of this and that but it always coming back to food.

In the early days I would talk about cupcake related clothes, cards, and jewellery. There were also posts from my sister, who used to be a shregular contributor, every weekend. I used to even post every dessert and/or sweet treat I had when I went out. 

All that changed when I discovered Twitter and Instagram. Now all that sort of stuff appears on those social media outlets without me having to write a post about it. It’s about priorities, like everything in life.

The reason this is all being brought up is because I am going to go back for a moment and share with you my fun night at Lush in Reading.

They had a local bloggers event the other night and allowed us to check out all the new products. There are so many I couldn’t even begin to go through them all, but I will share with you what I bought and some of the things I couldn't stop smelling.

Before I get into fun bath stuff I have to just mention that it's funny how most of these scents are in fact food smells. Or more specific seasonings and herbs that make food smell and taste good. However, I don't recommend eating anything unless of course it says it's edible. Lush stuff is all natural and stuff.

Oh and one more thing! There is no bag charge at Lush because their bags are already recycled and can be recycled again! Bonus!

If you like my photo video please give it a like on YouTube, I don't upload or use You Tube much, but if you like it I will try to do more! Possibly even getting brave enough to do a vlog! But any feed back is welcome!

I couldn't resist a chunk of the Reindeer Rock soap, it's an anti-flammatory soap and smells of lingonberries and sweetness. It's sitting in the bathroom and you can smell it as you walk it! Love it! the Yog Nog was a close second along with Father Time all three were amazing, but the hieroglyphics  on the Reindeer Rock sold me.

I also bought the Soft Coeur massage bar and Fairy Dust to go with it. The massage bar has a cocoa scent and makes your skins feel amazing. The dusting powder is to matte it out a little and together makes you smell amazing!! The massage bar is more of a rich smooth smell and the Fairy Dust is sweet.

I also picked up Santa's Lip Scrub which is exactly that a lip scrub to help keep your lips silky smooth this winter! It's very cherry like. I love the lip scrubs all year round so super excited to see a Christmasy one!

Then I picked up Fun! It's a Play-Doh like substances that can be used to play with, wash or shampoo with! They have fun Christmas themed ones like Snowman that comes with white, orange, and black.  There was also a Santa one too! But I went with the gold one that's limited edition and smells like their popular Honey I Washed the Kids soap (caramel and honey). I am debating on keeping it for myself or putting it in my girls Christmas Eve box.

Then last but not least a new cinnamon shampoo bar. I love their shampoo bars and it's been ages since I actually bought one! Haven't used it yet because I am a dirty bum. Not really, but really I only wash my hair every other day or so.

There were so many new bath bombs and I feel a little bad not going into them, but I just don't take baths. Our bath tub is not deep enough or comfortable enough for me to take a bath without feeling annoyed and frustrated. A few I couldn't stop smelling was Cinders which smelt like a hot fruit punch. I also couldn't stop picking up the Magic of Christmas which is a star shaped reusable Bubble Bar that smells of cloves and almond with a cinnamon stick it smells like Christmas should!

Lush makes a great Christmas present and they have lots of already boxed gift boxes. Some locations even do spa days, check out their website or catalog for more information. This is not a hint for my family and friends...but it might be!

Thank you to Lush Reading for inviting me along to your blogger event! You can find them in the Oracle: 90 The Oracle Shopping Centre, The Oracle Shopping Centre, City Centre, Reading RG1 2AG or Follow them on Instagram and Twitter for information about events and going ons at their store!

Like wise if you're interested in seeing products and foodie stuff that I no longer post on here check me out on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook!

note: I was invited to the event, but I was not given anything in exchange for review or this post. Products mentioned are ones I bought for myself and I am sharing them with you because I like them.

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